A historical building of Thessaloniki comes to life to welcome again the people of the city! It resides at 3 Septemvriou Avenue and started as a military warehouse. Later, it was modified to host the legendary discotheque “Traffic” and also became the first ice skating ring in the city, hosting the renowned “Thessaloniki’s Penguins” team! Soon after, it played host to several night clubs.

Since January 2015, the warehouse has been renovated breathing life into the “WE” project! A new journey started…

“WE” was created in an exceptionally central spot of Thessaloniki, close to the 2 Universities and at walking distance from any major point of interest. A distinctive, youthful action sports and culture venue, which aspires to become a meeting space for creative and active people, as well as an inspiration source for an alternative way of life and a novel urban attitude and culture.

The goals of “WE” are:
• The provision of high quality, innovative cultural and sports services;
• The promotion of the value of cultural and sports activities in the day-to-day development and upgrading of the quality of life;
• The popularization of alternative, contemporary and up-and-coming artistic and sports activities.

The facility has been studied extensively and was designed to host action sports and cultural events but also recreational, educational and training activities.
The target group of the facility is mainly young people without excluding anyone else! It is constructed in a way for kids to feel at-ease and also, it is fully admissible for people with mobility disabilities.

“WE” works in the direction of creating a new experience of soulful and uplifting entertainment with clear-cut standpoints and proposals for the sports and cultural life of the city.