Bord de l’Eau

Snazzy styled bar with a minimalist decoration, walking a fine line between contemporary and swanky, situated in a boisterous beehive of creativity, art, music and cultural events. Confluence of an incongruous crowd who meet for a coffee or an informal business meeting, early drinks or some late, offbeat cocktails and peculiar tastes.



The most historic concert venue of Thessaloniki is the multi-purpose venue of Mylos, that in 2019 celebrates 25 years of presence at the artistic and musical events of the city. All these years, Mylos Club accommodated the most important music personalities and bands of Greece and abroad.    


T.S.S.O. Rehearsal & Concert Hall ‘Solon Michaelides’

The Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra is one of the most important cultural institutions in the country, with intense artistic activity and rich social and educational work, since its foundation in 1959, to this day. The area of TSSO dominates the seaside of Thessaloniki, offering unique experiences due to the layout of the space and its […]



A historical building of Thessaloniki comes to life to welcome again the people of the city! It resides at 3 Septemvriou Avenue and started as a military warehouse. Later, it was modified to host the legendary discotheque “Traffic” and also became the first ice skating ring in the city, hosting the renowned “Thessaloniki’s Penguins” team! […]

Aigli Geni Hamam

Aigli Geni Hamam is a unique destination for exclusive dining, singular cocktails, and one-of-a-kind music events. Historical Insights on Aigli Geni Hamam: The Yeni Hamam (Turkish for new hamam i.e. public bath) building was built during Thessaloniki’s Ottoman occupation, on what is now the corner of Kassandrou and Agiou Nikolaou Streets. It is believed that […]