Angelika Dusk

Is a singer-songwriter who works on a regular basis with the award winning producer, arranger, songwriter, Rupert Christie. She has also worked with Jonny Lattimer, Red Triangle Productions and Ross Cullum on her debut album Marionette, released in April 2015. Her first single “Love on your own terms” from the EP “Telling Stories” and her […]


Since forming in 2008, BAiLdSA gradually developed their distinctive and individual sound by merging the existing balkan-gypsy genre with new elements from ska, punk, reggae, rap, and even indie, psychedelic rock and stoner. In 2011, the band recorded and self-released its debut album “United States of Balkans” in Thessaloniki, Greece. So far, BAiLdSA’s have been […]

Cheek By Jowl

Is a funk rock band with elements and influences from the world pop scene. They were formed in Thessaloniki in the spring of 2015. During this 3 year active presence of the band, several Lives took place in well-known music stages in Thessaloniki, in Athens (Schoolwave 2017) and the 1055 Rock Contest as a part […]

Daphne and the Fuzz

Were formed in the summer of 2012 in Athens, giving form and aesthetics to the tracks that Daphne Lz composed until the solo at the piano. Their first single “Doop Doop” was a hit in the local radio stations and was included in Inner Ear’s anniversary compilation “INN Pop”. Their self-titled debut album was released […]

Inner Sail

Were formed in 2014 in Thessaloniki due to their common interest in alternative, indie-pop, ambient and minimal music. Their musical influences can be detected in bands like Radiohead, alt-J, Daughter, Bonobo etc. The band consists of 4 members; Vasilis Gorgolis (keyboards, programming), Vasileia Kontopoulou (vocals), Tilemahos Roudniklis (guitar, loops, kaval) and Konstantinos Velenis (drums, percussion, […]


An all encompassing art project which flourished in Los Angeles and Ibiza, but has its roots in Athens. The project is an attempt to decipher and embrace chaos, drawing ispiration from Greek mythology and cosmos. A cinematic dark soundscape with heavily layered electronic sounds married with traditional instruments like the santour. IOTAPHI opened for Muse […]

Koza Mostra

The Ska band from Greece that became famous after their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song “Alcohol is Free”! Koza Mostra is apparently one of the most famous Balkan ska bands in Greece” BBC News. On March 22nd Koza Mostra, released their first album, titled “Keep up the Rhythm”, in the […]


From early 2015 L.O.U.D. started performing live in many big stages and mainstream radio stations and have participated in various music festivals alongside other well- known artists in Europe and UK.

Loxandra Ensemble

Was founded in Thessaloniki. The band has worked on the study, research and performance of the urban music tradition of the Rum people of Constantinople and Smyrna, (Meyhane – Cafe Aman). Their first album, “Almost Like in the Past…” was released in Greece in 2006 and in Turkey in 2011. Their second album, “Meyhane – […]

Magnanimus Trio

Was formed back in 2010 in Thessaloniki / Greece, consisted by piano & ney player Christos Barbas, drummer & pianist Dimitris Tasoudis & bassist Pavlos Spyropoulos. Their 3d album ‘No Time’ (2016/AN Music) takes them a step further in defining their vision for the music of the trio. Their collaborations include some of the best […]

Mary’s Flower Superhead

Were formed back in the summer of 2003 in Thessaloniki. Their sound was originally influenced by the American indie punk scene and this was reflected on their first titular release (Mary’s flower Superhead, Polytropon records) in 2006. Four years later, they went on to release SWAY (Archangel records, 2010). They had a dynamic presence at […]


Is a three member band (live electronics, vocals, live drumming) based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Τheir compositions are a meeting of analog and digital sound, where vocals, synthesizers and samples react to the beat of an acoustic drum set with an electronic feel, based on the last decade’s dub, drum’n’bass, trip hop and dubstep sounds. Their […]

Reggetiko Project

Three and a half years ago, its first album “Music Conversations” was published and was successfully presented to Palermo of Sicily with Istanbul, Athens and Freiburg to follow. Xarkis Festival at Cyprus (July of 2015) was the last stop before the recordings of their second album named “Knot”. Last January they had the opportunity to […]


Is a new music project by three women in Athens. S.W.I.M.’s first single — NEVER FIND IT — was written specially for Athina Rachel Tsangari’s feature CHEVALIER, which won Best Film at the BFI London Film Festival. S.W.I.M.’s first 7inch vinyl STOP & REMEMBER (feat Stella) / LEAP OF FAITH (feat Coti), was released in […]


The female polyphonic ensemble deals with the sound produced by the human body, especially the voice, replacing all the musical instruments. They have appeared in various venues, national events and international competitions. Some significant moments are their appearances and collaborations on stage with Alkinoos Ioannidis, the rock band BLE and Thanasis Papakonstantinou. Stringless have released […]

Wolfy Funk Project

Being one of the most distinctive funk projects in Athens over the last years. The band was formed in the summer of 2007 in Athens. Their debut single “From Scratch” was released in March 2014 by Under A Groove®. On June 16th, 2016 released their single “Mindtrap”. Their explosive and powerful live performances featuring several […]

Yako Trio

Is a jazz band formed in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece, consisting of three young musicians with studies, mainly in jazz. The key element for forming the Trio was the work of the well-known Greek musician and composer Yannis Konstantinidis, in particular his arrangement to familiar melodies and rhythms of Greek traditional music. They formed this […]

Polyphonic Group Dioni

Came across each other in spring of 2004 in Thessaloniki, wishing to sing the songs they listened to as they were growing up. All of them come from the region of Epirus. Their origin along with their experiences, drove them to pursuit singing polyphonic songs from Epirus. Their group performs exclusively polyphonic songs of Epirus, […]


The project was launched from Thessaloniki in the MET Poetry Laboratory by a group of students inspired by Elias Sariyiannidis. Today, after many transformations, this group has taken a steady form of musicians who recognize and love the special sound that has been created with visionary power and faith. “Poetics” is the title of the […]

Mimis Nikolopoulos

Has collaborated with the internationally renowned soloist of the piano, Panagiotis Troopoulos and the American pianist Carlos Márquez. In 2014, his music was selected for the new Sol beer advertising campaign in Spain, run by Jorge Dorado. In 2015, he composed the original music for David Greig’s theatrical performance “The Events”, directed by Antonis Galeos. […]

Roni Iron

Has worked with great names such as James Lavelle, Deep Dish, Infected Mushroom and others. In 2016 he released his first Video Clip in D2E’s top titled “In Love”. His latest track, Sandrina has been very successful in Turkey, staying for more than 10 weeks in Dance Top 40 / Shazam top 100 / Itunes […]