As Music Showcase of Greece is now considered an established music marketplace that provides Greek artists with a stand to present their work to significant guests and the world musci industry, we felt that it is time to open up to the International scene: thus, as of this second year of presence, we invited artists from all over the world to apply! To this end, we worked closely with Gigmit and INES for bands and artists from abroad to be able to apply at #MSG2!

These are the 3 bands / artists that were chosen from abroad to present their work this December, at Thessaloniki! The selection process was hard and demanding, as the applications were many with the artistic level rising above expectations. The list of the 3 chosen bands / artists are presented below in alphabetical order.


Cava Grande (Turkey)

Eldad Zitrin (Israel)

Piqued Jacks (Italy)

We would like to thank every participant for their application and effort.


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