The most historic concert venue of Thessaloniki is the multi-purpose venue of Mylos, that in 2019 celebrates 25 years of presence at the artistic and… Read More

Hadas Vanunu

Hadas has been involved with the music industry in Israel for over fifteen years. She started off as the manager and artistic director of one… Read More

Nana Trandou

She was the co-founder of Big Star Promotion, one of the leading Concert Promoters in Europe. She is also the Artistic Director of DiDi Music,… Read More

Nikos Loris

In 1984, he founded the independent record company "Dikaioma Diavasis", which was later renamed as Didi Music. The sound of Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedys and… Read More

Atcha Bar

Serves as the CEO of the Yellow Submarine, a leading music performance and education center established with the assistance of the Jerusalem Foundation in 1991.… Read More

Maro Angelopoulou

I was born in Athens, Greece. The last 16 years I work as a professional music journalist and a writer with experience across music magazines,… Read More