Maro Angelopoulou

I was born in Athens, Greece. The last 16 years I work as a professional music journalist and a writer with experience across music magazines,… Read More

Takis Kouretsidis

Takis Kouretsidis works for the Universal Music Group since 2007. As Finance Director he managed the Digital Business of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for more… Read More

David Haim Saidov III

The artistic director and lead producer of the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem {YSM}. Director and lead producer of the International Music Showcase Festival – Israel.… Read More

Galina Metelskaya

Galina Metelskaya, head of the international relations department with JGroup, a concert agency based in Moscow, Russia. The company promotes a number of events and… Read More

Andrey Klukin

Andrey Klukin is the producer of one of the biggest festivals in Russia – Wild Mint Festival (world-rock-jazz music), which takes place every summer not… Read More

Michel Bloem

Michel runs the Amsterdam based booking agency BOOMERANG BOOKINGS and facilitates shows and tours in the Benelux or (parts of) Europe. Always looking for new… Read More

Nikos Modiotis

Born in Australia in 1960. Founder of Shake Hand Productions, agency based in Thessaloniki, Greece and owner of the legendary bar Lucky Luke also based… Read More

Susan Rosenberg

After earning a degree in International Business from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992, Susan Rosenberg started a journey through sales, marketing, distribution,… Read More

Stine Meyer

Stine Meyer is former head of booking of the European wide festival Electronic Beats and current managing director at Filter Booking Berlin and Musikschutzgebiet Festival,… Read More