Least Concern


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Least Concern are a rock band formed in Athens, Greece, in 2015. In May 2017 they won the first price at GHOST HOUSE 8th Bands Festival. Later on in 2018 they became the subject of the documentary series “Es Avrion Ta Spoudaia” on ERT2, and of the music TV show “Volume Sessions” on ERT3. They have released three singles titled “Watch me”, “De Sleep” and “Just a Girl”, as part of their forthcoming debut album “Midnight Blue”, mixed and mastered by Pavlos Synodinos; Album’s guest star is Louis Mandylor, Hollywood’s Greek Australian actor. They appeared in several festivals, the most recent one being River Party Nestorio. They are now preparing the recording of their English adaptation of “Sarajevo” in collaboration with Magic De Spell.

They have been composing music in a careless manner based on their no-box theory. The sound is often distorted, following lyrics that seek clarity within corruption.