Do you have a passion for music? The MSG returns for the second year to Thessaloniki and exposes Greek musicians to the historical music scenes of the city!

The music market that introduces modern Greek music to the international audience and gives the opportunity to the biggest music producers to discover creative Greek artists of pop, rock, indie, jazz, world, electronica of music and to collaborate with them at the most influential international music festivals .

After the very first successful event in 2018, 2nd Music Showcase Greece returns this past five days to the most important music venues in Thessaloniki, where it hosts new artists from all over Greece to set up their work in the international music industry. # MSG1 presented 20 Greek bands to more than 3000 spectators, as well as 35 guests from the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Holland, Latvia, Portugal and Denmark . Last year’s organization created collaborations abroad for several of the bands that participated, and raised new musical talents, proving that #MSG is more than a simple festival. It’s a music market that brings together people who share the same passion: music. The participating Greek musicians are invited to present their work on stage, having their time in front of the international audience. The presentations are combined with b2b meetings in which artists discuss possible collaborations with international guests, while the festival is framed by concerts, conferences and live sessions.

Bringing music to the forefront, # MSG2 addresses an open call to artists from all over Greece to showcase their work and participate in B2B meetings and Conference with representatives from world music venues.

General information

• The Music Festival will take place in Thessaloniki from 4 to 8 December 2019 in 4 different parts of the city
• All artists go through a selection process.
• The final selection will be made by a 3-member committee of professionals working in the music industry in Greece and abroad.
• The organizers do not cover transportation or accommodation costs (special rates will be announced with co-located accommodation for the duration of the festival)
• All artists or bands that apply for a showcase have free access to all scheduled and parallel events that will take place during the festival.
• All nominations will be posted on the official festival page

About appearance:

• Artists must present authentic musical material rather than coverts.
• Each artist’s appearance may not exceed 30 minutes.
• The place and time that each music band / artist will appear will be announced by the organizers.
• The organizers provide a basic backline for the appearance of the musical band / artist, anything further to be provided by the musical band / artist.
• The participating artists are required to sign a private agreement with the organizers, describing the terms and conditions of the event.
• The artists / bands selected through the respective procedure in previous events of Music Showcase Greece are not eligible to participate.

Selection Criteria:

Discography / Stage presence / Technical training / Authenticity (music / lyrics) / Innovation (sound, stage presence, experimentation, mix of music) / Biography (festivals, concerts, , social media).

Application procedure:

• Applications begin on Monday 20 May 2019 and the deadline ends on 20 July 2019 at 18:00. At the end of the above date, no application will be accepted.
• Interested parties should submit their application by writing a mail on the subject of the band / artist name, containing:
• Text-word with a link to soundcloud / youtube with a total of 3 tracks or live shows
• Press kit / Biography / Discography (word or PDF in Greek / English)
• 1 representative photo of the band / artist (JPEG, PDF)
• Deposit receipt € 20.00 to the bank account (JPEG, PDF) …

Interested parties should send the above file to


– If the subject of the mail does not list the artist / band name, the application will NOT be accepted. All links should be strictly included in the word text file.

– The curriculum vitae should include the following elements: group name, number of members, musical genre, city, contact details of the person responsible).

– By submitting their participation, the artists concerned confirm that they are fully aware of and accept the terms of their participation in the Open Call, as stated above.

This December, the 2nd Music Showcase of Greece establishes Greece in the global music industry.