DECEMBER 4|5|6|7|8 2019

Music Showcase Greece is a music marketplace that introduces the contemporary Greek sound to the international audience. Producers of the global music industry will visit Thessaloniki to meet and listen to Greek musicians. During these four days, the city will become a meeting point for Greek artists of all music genres and international professionals from the greatest music events in the world.

Music Showcase Greece will offer international music producers the opportunity to discover the most creative Greek music artists of pop, rock, indie, jazz, world and electronica, as well as give Greek musicians the chance to seek collaborations and claim a position in the program of the most influential international music festivals.

The international guests will be curators of world-known festivals, heads of international cultural institutions, music producers, representatives of record companies and journalists. Over 40 guests from all over the world are expected to visit Thessaloniki in order to join #MSG2.

Greek musicians from across the country will travel to Thessaloniki to participate in this project and meet the international guests, aiming to present and promote their work.

Focusing on music, Thessaloniki will host a high-standard international conference, where topics and trends about global music, cultural industry and music innovation will be discussed, as well as interactive workshops will be held. The goal of #MSG2 is to create and develop a dynamic international network of music representatives.

Music Showcase Greece is a dynamic cultural project. Our international guests, local participants and visitors will have the opportunity to become familiar with the Greek cultural heritage and get to know each host city as a modern tourist destination, through cultural tours, screenings, parties and tasting.

#MSG2 will take place in December 2019 in selected cultural venues in Thessaloniki. Greek participants, having specific time at their disposal, will present their work on stage in front of the international audience. Apart from the showcases, there will be back to back meetings in which the participants will discuss potential partnerships with international guests.